Jason Domanico, Winemaker
Growing up in an Italian family, wine was always around. Dinners, special occasions, it was part of the experience; in fact Champagne always put a smile on my moms face. In 1994 at the Yakima Valley Spring Barrel Tasting, Mr. Williams of Kiona, took us to the barrel room and walked us though a few wines. The one that sticks out in my mind was a Chardonnay. As we moved the wine around our mouth Mr. Williams said “do you taste pear”… I did! I was fascinated and have been hooked since. Over the years I have tasted many wines from all over the world, visited many wineries and it seemed like most of my vacations revolved around going to wine regions. Then in 2003 I met a guy at Costco, as I was picking up the last 2 bottles of 2000 Pavie. He asked about the wine and as we chatted (yea I gave him one of them) he mentioned he was a winemaker. The conversation turned from him asking me questions about the Bordeaux to me asking about winemaking. The next thing I knew I was helping out and then all of a sudden I had 1100 lbs of Cabernet. Fast forward a few years and wow how things have changed. I now get to wake up in one of the most beautiful historic vineyards and make wines that I am extremely proud of. It is all hard work, but some of the most rewarding I have been involved with. Every day brings a new excitement and in fall as the grapes start to ripen, new challenges and of course new surprises.

Jill Domanico, “Other duties as assigned” Co-owner
Growing up in Eastern Washington, Jill has always been fond of Washington fruit and wines. However, it wasn’t until living in Yakima that she was exposed to and truly began to appreciate the entire art and process of wine making. She recalls thinking some day she would love to be in the wine industry; but she never dreamed that day would come when the winery was opened.  In the Fall of 2012 Jill became a winemaker herself creating an amazing Cabernet Franc off of their new vineyard in Prosser.

Anna Domanico, Cellar Rat in Training
Anna has become a regular helping out in the winery in Prosser. She has become an expert at running the bottle filler and gives one of the best tours of the property. If you get out there in the fall don’t miss asking her about her favorite grapes.